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On December 8, 2017 Focus Group within the project entitled Apprenticeship Cluster for Industry-Ready Engineers of Tomorrow (aCIRET, funded under the Erasmus+ programme KA3) was hosted in the premises of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Gdańsk University of Technology. The participants included the representatives of the Faculty authorities and teachers, representatives of local industry (Interizon ICT Cluster), education foundation (Foundation Educational Centre of Excellence), social partners (Project Department and Career’s Office), students, alumni, municipal authorities and members of the Polish project team.

The main objective of the focus group was to introduce the idea of Work Based Learning with focus on apprenticeship to the invited guests and to start the discussion regarding the engineering skills mismatch and the gap between the knowledge taught at the University and the demands and expectation of industry, especially in the field of mechatronics.

At the beginning of the meeting a presentation on the general idea of WBL was delivered. It was followed by a presentation on Interizon ICT Cluster and Foundation Educational Centre of Excellence.

The presentations were followed by a discussion session. All the invited guests actively participated in the discussion and provided valuable input comprising a basis for further discussion and the formulation of WBL curriculum that will hopefully serve as a tool bridging the gap between tertiary education and demands and expectations of industry in Poland.

All the parties agreed that while the project is very ambitious and will require a lot of effort to realize all the objectives, the expected results are sure to improve the overall situation on the regional job market.