The project “Apprenticeship Cluster for Industry-Ready Engineers of Tomorrow” is an alternative solution to the described challenges and needs since it aims

  • to establish a new higher education-business partnership structure to bolster the cooperation between technical universities (as VET providers) and enterprises, supported by authorities and social partners, at local/regional level so that they can provide WBL and apprenticeship in the sector of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics more successfully at tertiary level;
  • to provide industry-relevant curriculum in Mechatronics so as to produce industry-ready engineers thus reducing the skills mismatch and facilitating their access to the labour market within the respective regions, which, in the long run, will lead to improving enterprises’ performance and growth, as well as regional development;
  • to build an effective cooperation structure for sharing knowledge, skills and experience between university teachers and in-company trainers thus improving their competences for the better delivery of apprenticeships.