Career Fair on 5th December 2018


Technical University of Gabrovo, Mechatronica SC and Municipality of Gabrovo jointly organized a Cereer Fair on 5th December 2018.

Nine companies from Gabrovo and Ideal Standard Vidima SC from Sevlievo presented their business line – basic activities, products and services, markets, career opportunities and their willingness to employ students as apprentices to be involved in the real company research and development processes.

On the other hand, engineering students from TU of Gabrovo were able to make personal contacts with company reps and to choose a perticular company whoose profile best matches their interests and preferences.

The very fact that the career fair took place at Mechatronika SC premises provided students with the opportunity to get acquainted with production processes in real life as “nowadays mechanical engineering and mechatronics do not have anything in common with the common perception of engineers as employees stained with oil to the elbows” as Nikolinka Hinkova pointed out.


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