On the 13th Sept. 2019 a mini-conferenceon WBLA and Active Learningwas held at the TU of Gabrovo.The conference was attended by decision makers at national, regional and local level. The deputy minister of Education and Science, Mrs Sacheva, started off by presenting the future strategy of higher education, the challenges the higher education faces at the present and the measures to handle them. The mayor of Gabrovo Manucipality focused on both the WBLA importance and benefits for all stakeholders and regional/local economic growth. The presentations given by representatives of universities, companies, local authorities and a professional high school outlined the necessity of introducing WBLA and its recognition as an official study form in higher education. All requirements for changes and problems the academic and business world set down during the conference were summarized  and sent to the deputy minister Mrs Sacheva and the MP Mr Sirakov in a form of a letter. They promised to present it to the Commission for Higher Education that works on the new draft law of Higher Education.


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