fondacia interizon      

Interizon Foundation
Jarosław Parzuchowski
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Phone: +48 504817008
Postal address: Al. Grunwaldzka 472,
80-309 Gdańsk


Interizon Cluster is one of the most dynamic cluster organizations in Poland. Interizon currently associates over 105 entities, representing 13 business sectors, which employ in total over 24 thousand people. Among Cluster members there are companies operating in the Electronics, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Automation and Robotics sectors, as well as research and development institutions, education units, and business environment institutions. The companies within Interizon Cluster provide a wide offer of products and services including, among others, electronic finished goods and components, creation and implementation of advanced IT solutions and provision of IT and telecommunication services. Important part of the Cluster’s activities are common R&D projects, focused on development of ICT technologies, which have the greatest industrial and commercial potential.